The Starlight RooM

Experience live music at its finest. The new El Mocambo features the very best audio and visual experience for live entertainment. Quickly being regarded as “one of the best sounding rooms in the world”, we are proud to deliver an unforgettable experience to everyone.

Amazing place to see a concert! I just saw the band USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) & the entire experience was outstanding! The state of the art sound system produced sound that is bar none the best I've heard in any other concert venue in Toronto & it all added to a literal ground shaking musical experience. The renovations to the ElMo were much needed & because of the significant upgrades done to the site, this will stand as one of Toronto's best venues to see a live concert for decades to come

Danny Verified Google Reviewer

Wow what a transformation! This place has such amazing sound anywhere you are and it's so nice inside. Had an awesome time listening to some overdue live music! Check this place out sir sure! Classic!

Russell Buchelt Verified Google Reviewer

What a venue. I was lucky enough to get a tour of the El recently. Who knew what a gem we have in the El Macambo. Not only is it a place to catch a great performance but did you know that they have a recording studio too! Did I mention that the VIP section is the place to be? You just gotta check out the El Mocambo!

CeeCee Parker Verified Google Reviewer

This place was fantastic. The history in there along with the photos around the whole vibe was amazing! I would highly recommend going to the infamous El Mocambo if you have the chance.

Amanda Liberty Verified Google Reviewer

Wow ! I will never forget the evening at the El Mocambo. We go there from Montréal because " The Damn Truth " band was giving a show. But, we meet so much beautyful peoples that we can not forget for sure we gona return to that spécial place as soon as possible. If you have a chance to be there ask to be served by Taylor he is a bar tender but also the manager. What a nice man ! Wow....and wow again Linda xxx

Linda Bolduc Verified Google Reviewer